A 5 Step Post-Makeup Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

skincare routine

When it comes to sensitive skin, every time you wear makeup is like inviting a tone of skin worries. Will the skin become red for no reason? Will the pimple start popping out? Putting on good quality makeup is one aspect of saving your skin from post damage. But taking it off properly is the key to having smooth and clear skin the next morning.

If you’re wondering, that how to have a perfect and easy post-makeup skincare routine, then we’ve got you covered. Read on for all the steps to have an effective routine for sensitive skin.

Makeup Wipes:

Start with the simplest step. Take off the topmost layer of the makeup with gentle makeup cleansing wipes.

Micellar Water:

If you’re wearing mascara, go for the Micellar water option to take off your makeup. As mascara needs a bit harsh solution to be removed.

Soap-Free Face Wash:

After the wipes and Micellar water, you might think that all the makeup is gone. But No! You still need a gentle soap-free face wash to completely cleanse the skin.

Alcohol-Free Toner:

Girls with sensitive skin might want to skip this step, but trust me you can’t treat your skin well without using a toner. Opt for a toner specially designed for sensitive skin, it will soothe your skin and restore its natural pH level with no alkaline residue.

Light moisturizer:

Finally, seal your skincare routine with a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer which will hydrate your skin well.

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