Are You Exfoliating Your Skin the Right Way?

Exfoliating Your Skin
 The basic purpose of exfoliation is to handle skin blemishes, roughness of texture, blackheads, clogged pores and any other nasty elements hiding behind the skin. When exfoliation is not dealt with properly, the dead skin cells build up and lead to breakouts causing the skin to appear dull and boring. Even scarier is the fact that it brings you wrinkles way quicker than you think.  Almost all of us have been using scrubs and may seem easy. However, we often forget that exfoliation is not only scrubbing. It requires good technique as much as it requires a good product. We have listed down a few excellent tips for you below: ·         Wash your face with warm water before you exfoliate to clean up the surface layer of skin of makeup and dirt ingrained in the skin. Warm water helps open up the pores and eases them out. ·         Scrub in circular motions with any facial massage and move from the center of the face towards the edges to get rid of toxic materials. Avoid pressing too hard on the face. Be gentle. ·         Don’t exfoliate your skin more than two times a week initially and see if you need to take it up a notch. ·         Don’t pick an exfoliant that is too abrasive, mix a cream cleanser in it.
For all those with Sensitive Skin: Know the kind of skin that reacts quickly to things like fragrances, harsh chemicals, sulfates and rough weather? If that happens to you, switch from physical scrubs to chemical scrubs. A physical scrub contains ingredients like chopped nuts, crystal of some kind, grains, salts etc that help dislodge sticky dead cells wash away. But for people who easily get a blotchy, inflamed skin, it’s a no no!   You need to wash away your dead skin cells without scratching and scraping by using a product with the right ingredients.   The Number One Remedy: Go Natural. Try homemade exfoliation masks from items on your kitchen shelf. They have natural acids to help break up the layer of dead skin cells e.g. oats, strawberries, orange peel powder, honey, and lemon juice (Not really recommended for very dry skin though). Just be sure to mix them with a base like water, oils, yogurt etc. to have an overall gentle experience to your skin.    Gentle Acids: Use products with gentle acids like glycolic (derived from sugar cane), malic (From fruit), citric (Fruit) and lactic(Milk). Peel Off Masks: A moisturizing peel off mask can work wonders without involving any scrubbing. Just apply, sit back, and watch TV or read a book. And Wallah! You’re on your way to a brighter, healthier looking baby skin.

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