Mario Badescu in Pakistan

Have you ever come across a single brand which has the best skincare line and literally they have the best of everything? Like you can just pick any product with a blindfold on and you know that this will work anyways. I know a skincare line which is every celeb’s favorite and every blogger is […]


Are you feeling content? If yes, then just wait for your acne to pop out. Monsoon season is here and so is the acne. Whether the weather changes or there is an important wedding, Out of nowhere this acne knows about it. I wonder from which intelligence agency it belongs to. Do you get the […]


Its 40 degrees outside. Can you believe it? Did you know that high intense ultraviolet rays destroy the living tissues of our skin and not only causes redness and pain but in severe cases, constant exposure to sunlight can even cause skin cancer? This all seems horrifying right? But which sunscreen is most effective? What […]

Mastering the Cat Eye

The Perfect Cat eye has long been bringing ladies the dramatic flair known for an uncanny, confident look. With the mere flick of a wrist, the cat eyes liner worn with the perfect precision that can bring them the aura of Cleopatra, the warrior queen of Egypt. But the trick is exact symmetry, equal thickness […]

Clumsy Contouring – How Can You Fix It?

Contouring mistakes

Clumsy Contouring – The contouring trend has recently created a hype among makeup lovers, thanks to the famous Kardashian sisters. However, for those who aren’t makeup pros, it is easy to make a mess of all that contouring resulting in a complexion that looks out of proportion rather than sculpted. But the good news is […]

Why It’s Really Terrifying To Use Fake Makeup Products!

With the boom of makeup and cosmetic products, fake makeup has become a severe problem for genuine makeup seller as well as makeup lovers. Although beauty steals are seriously tempting, they come at a risk of getting harmful products. Major brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Estee Lauder Cos. And many others have been fighting fakes since […]

Are You Exfoliating Your Skin the Right Way?

Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliation is the key to better skincare but very often, it is done incorrectly. Let us explore what you might be doing wrong.  The basic purpose of exfoliation is to handle skin blemishes, roughness of texture, blackheads, clogged pores and any other nasty elements hiding behind the skin. When exfoliation is not dealt with properly, […]

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