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From Relationships to success stories of women, from Fashion trends to lazy Sunday mornings, From food choices to the best travel destinations, From latest movies best tv dramas, From wellness to healthcare, we talk about everything under the sun here in this section. The idea is to keep exploring, keep rocking.

The Best Weight Loss Tips If you’re Over 40

Hello Beautiful Ladies! Hitting your 40s has plenty of benefits, such as earned wisdom, increased self-awareness, and self-confidence. Truth be told, though, it’s tough getting used to some of the physical changes. A biggie is a downshift in metabolism, which can make weight maintenance trickier and weightloss more challenging. However, losing weight after 40 isn’t impossible. THE […]

Green Tea Is Good for Your Skin—Here’s How to Use It

green tea

Rich with antioxidants and nutrients, Green Tea is said to have many benefits for skin and health. Pakistani’s love their tea, and if they get to apply it on their face as well, they’ll be more than happy. It is beneficial for reducing weight or digestion and has immense benefits for the skin as well. […]

If You’re in Your 40’s, Try These 3 Face Masks

When women hit 40, the descriptors used for skin suddenly switch from preventative to negative. Words like “sagging,” “dull,” “hollow,” and “wrinkly” are commonly used to market skincare towards women in this age group. But the reality is, signs of aging are marks of life experiences that younger generations aren’t in on — yet. While […]

Conatural: Is This Skincare & Haircare Brand Worth The Hype?


Lahore-based Organic Beauty Brand “Conatural” has been in the market since 2014. It is a joint venture of two passionate sisters: Myra Qureshi & Reema Taseer. This brand has been selling its Haircare and skincare products strategically online (website) & off-line means (In-stores). Conatural has made a very well-known place in the market & we’ll […]

5 Tips for Healthy Nails

Regular nail care results in healthy nails that you can be proud to take to work or out on the town. Your nail care plan can be simple and inexpensive. Nails reflect our overall health, which is why proper nail care is so important. Here are some tips for keeping your nails healthy. 5 Easy […]

Is Applying ‘Body Lotion’ on your Face Good or Bad?

The skin on different parts of your body varies widly. Your face tends to have thinner skin, more oil glands and more hair follicles than the skin on other parts of your body, like the thicker skin on your feet, for example. Even  different areas on your face, like around your eyes, are thinner than […]

5 Simple Skincare Routine for Every Skin Type

There are plenty of instructions and suggestions to guide you on how to care for your skin. However, it is not as complex as it seems. All you need to do is keep a few simple things in mind, and everything will fall in place. Scroll down to find the daily skincare routine for your […]

How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives?


Pandemic has not been easy on anyone around the globe. And within these 2 years of COVID-19, people’s lifestyles have changed a lot. The major change has impacted consumer’s buying. As over teh years, the most important things have become the least important. We’ll tell you about the Top 5 things that have lost their […]

How to Make your Feet Soft Quickly

Wondering how to get soft feet FAST? A quick glance around during sandal season should tell you all you need to know – most of us don’t give our feet enough TLC. Let’s start here with some general tips! The first thing you should remember is that our feet require daily care. If you want your heels […]

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