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Makeup Stash doesn’t only sell makeup. It also guides you on how to apply makeup products according to your skintone, texture, complextion and occasion. It also tells you about the major pitfalls that one must avoid in order to get the right look for the right occasion.

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The 7 Makeup Essentials Every College Woman Needs in her Bag

There are so many products that do so many things, how do you ever know what you actually need? If you’re just starting out or if you’re looking to simplify your makeup bag, today I am sharing with you 7 things every girl needs in their makeup bag. Whether you’re a makeup novice or have […]

How to Clean Makeup Brushes The Right Way!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes The Right Way

Most of us are guilty of neglecting our makeup brushes. Whether you’re into natural makeup or going full glam, odds or you use makeup brushes to get that flawless look. You may use foundation, eyeshadow and blush every day, but how often are you cleaning your makeup brushes?  Letting powder and cream formulas build up on […]

Should I Switch My Foundation for the Winter?

Should I Switch My Foundation for the Winter?

Hello Beautiful Ladies! When the weather starts to change, our wardrobe, diet and weekend activities follow suit. But one thing many of us forget to switch up is our foundation. Changing from a summer to a winter foundation is not all about changing your foundation color or shade. However, the odds are you’ll be a […]

A 5 Step Post-Makeup Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

skincare routine

When it comes to sensitive skin, every time you wear makeup is like inviting a tone of skin worries. Will the skin become red for no reason? Will the pimple start popping out? Putting on good quality makeup is one aspect of saving your skin from post damage. But taking it off properly is the […]

Which Are The Best Products To Remove Waterproof Mascara Safely?

waterproof mascara

If you think there’s no such thing as a magic wand, you’ve never used mascara. Specially designed to elongate and volumize your lashes, mascaras make your lashes look fluttery and gorgeous. You might love getting a waterproof mascara but dread taking it off. A normal makeup removal or washing routine always smudges off the mascara, […]

5 Trending Fall Nail Colors of 2021


Looking for the perfect fall nail inspo? We’ve got you covered. Every year the trend changes, and this year “Minimal” is the new trend. Cool or gorgeous nail colors and designs can be comforting and who doesn’t want a good relaxing manicure. I’ve listed the most trending nail shades this season. 1. Royal Dark Teal […]

How To Make Your BB Cream At Home?

bb cream

Are you also tired of finding the ideal BB cream that matches your skin tone and has a strong SPF? Don’t you worry, as we have an amazing recipe for your very own DIY BB cream at home? So let’s get started! STEP 1- Sunscreen to the rescue: Grab a container and pour three pimps […]

How To Hide Dark Circles Like A Pro?

dark circles

Dark circles aren’t going anywhere. They are here to stay for a longer time. So you need to adapt to it. You need to find easy and effective ways to hide them like a pro. Does this stress you out? Don’t worry, we have listed the 3 easiest ways to conceal your dark spots like […]

3 Easy Tricks That Will Make Your Eyes Look Bigger!

What is that one body feature, which makes each girl stand out? If you guessed “Eyes”, then you’re correct. Big eyes always catch everyone’s attention. You can’t determine the size of your eyes, but you can definitely make them look bigger with some simple eye makeup tricks. Scroll Down For The Easy Tricks! 1. Enhance […]

The Best Concealers on a Budget!


The right concealer is always the hardest to find, as it needs to be two things, full-coverage and on a budget. Do you also find it difficult to get the perfect concealer for yourself? Your worry has been taken, we have listed the best budget-friendly concealers you’ll find in the market. AFFORDABLE FULL-COVERAGE CONCEALERS Maybelline […]

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