Clumsy Contouring – How Can You Fix It?

Contouring mistakes

Clumsy Contouring – The contouring trend has recently created a hype among makeup lovers, thanks to the famous Kardashian sisters. However, for those who aren’t makeup pros, it is easy to make a mess of all that contouring resulting in a complexion that looks out of proportion rather than sculpted. But the good news is contouring is not that difficult once you have the required love and prep for it in place. 

a)     See if your face needs contouring: “Not every nose, forehead, chin and temple needs a dose of contour,” says Mehron Makeup artist Stephanie Klasse. Remember contouring looks different in person and in photographs. It’s best to start with the basics and give your cheekbones a boost with just a little contour before you apply your blush. A cool-toned foundation is recommended by most experts instead of a cream foundation finished with a dab of cream blush.

b)     Never choose a shade that’s too dark for your complexion:   Nothing looks more repulsive than harsh contour lines when it comes to good makeup. That happens when you’ve chosen a contour color/bronzer that is too dark for your natural complexion. Then right shade will be almost two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

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c)Blend, Blend, Blend: Blending can be seriously tedious and boring. (Especially when your husband is ready to go and you only have ten minutes to get ready). No matter what, blend it well. It’s the most important part of a fine makeup routine Clumsy Contouring. It will prevent those harsh lines. 

d)Use the Right Tools: Be sure you have selected the right tools for your face i.e. a proper contouring brush. They’re much thinner than the others and are usually angled for easy use. 

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e)     Never Overdo Your Highlight: Highlighting works in close collaboration with contouring. It not only enhances the features of your face but also sculpts them. Keep it calm and subtle. Wrong highlighting can easily let the camera flash make you look absurd and ruin your evening. Its best to use a highlighter that is not so grainy for the evenings (e.g. Mary-Lou Manizer ) and a slightly heavier one (e.g. Mac Mineralize skinfinish) for the night time.

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f)     Use a setting spray: For a more intense contour, cream shades are the best. However, cream or powder, always use a setting spray. You can choose between a matte finish or dewy finish spray according to the look you want.  

g)     Don’t put on too much foundation with your contour: There’s nothing like  a subtle contour. The aim is to make the skin look fresh rather than airbrushed. Kim Kardashian recommends using dewy highlights with a touch of contour.

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