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Long gone are the days of pencil thin fine eyebrows. Say hello to thick. bold eyebrows obsession. The thick eyebrow trend is on high alert this season!

Over plucking de-shapes your brows and makes you look older. So, if you want to look younger go for thick natural brows. However, not all of us are blessed with thick brows. Some of us have thin eyebrows and are always looking for ways to make them thicker. It may seem tricky, but it’s way easier than you’d think. Get to know how!

How to Fill in Thin Eyebrows

When filling in thin eyebrows, it’s important to follow a soft approach. We recommend using short, feather-like strokes, starting from the area under your eyebrows for a naturally fuller-looking brow. Be sure to run an eyebrow brush through the hair to blend the product.

How to Fill in Thick Eyebrows

Once you have brushed your brows, you’ll need a brow product to get your perfect shape. Try to keep your eyebrows more natural with a powder or eyeshadow.

How to Make Eyebrows Darker

For those who have lightly colored eyebrows, it can often look as though they have none at all! So what is the solution? A dark, well-shaped eyebrow can really change the way your face looks. One method to darken them is with an eyebrow tint. This can be done at home or by a professional in a salon. Another less permanent way to darken the eyebrows is through makeup products like eyeshadow, a brow pencil, powder, or brow kit.

How to Fill in Eyebrows Naturally

For the most natural-looking brows, eyeshadow is the way to go. There’s a ton on the market to choose from, all you need to do is find your best shade match. Be sure to use light flicking motions to create the most natural-looking brows. Finish with a brush to blend out any harsh lines.

How to do Your Eyebrows With a Pencil

When it comes to filling in your brows with a pencil, it’s important to keep things natural. First, brush through your brows to make sure they are nice and neat. Next, use your pencil in light, upward strokes to fill them in. As always, use a brush to blend the product out.

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How to do Your Eyebrows With Powder

Using a powder to fill your brows will guarantee you a softer, more natural look. It’s the perfect option for those who are new to filling in their brows. Just be sure to find your perfect shade. Finish with a brush to blend the powder out.

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How to do Your Eyebrows With Eyeshadow

Using eyeshadow to fill in your brows is a great option for those who don’t have much time on their hands. Simply run the eyeshadow through your eyebrows, then use a spoolie brush to help blend the product out. Just make sure to use a matte shadow.

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