‘Gallan Teriyan Mitheeyan’ By Bilal Khan Has Been Released Featuring Zaid Ali And Wife Yumna

Singer Bilal Khan, earned huge fame with his super hit track Bachana. Bachana singer has also appeared in drama serial Khamooshi against Zara Noor Abbas and it was an instant hit. Bilal is once again back with a beautiful romantic melody titled Gallan Teriyan Mitheeyan released on Sunday November 1st.
It is a sweet love song featuring real-life couple and YouTubers, Zaid Ali T and Yumnah Ali T.
“I am super excited for you guys to watch it and listen to it as this song is really special to me. I had a lot of fun making it,” says Bilal Khan in an Instagram post.

Gallan Teriyan Mitheeyan is beautifully composed and the lyrics truly melt your heart, however, what catches attention the most is the fact that this song features the famous Zaid and Yumna like never before.

This is the first time Zaid Ali and Yumnah have worked together in a music video. They feature in each other’s vlogs and videos on social media.       

The two are married and already in love, which makes their performance and expressions seem flawless. 

The song has reached over 1 million views on YouTube.

Bilal Khan uploaded a video and wrote in his caption ‘Here’s a little acoustic version to thank you all for 1M plays on Gallan Teriyan Mitheeyan. If you haven’t seen the music video already go check it out on YouTube’.

We are in love with this new track, make sure you guys hear this new song as well!

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