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Mastering the Cat Eyes

cat eyes

Cat eyes have long been bringing ladies the dramatic flair known for an uncanny, confident look. With the mere flick of a wrist, the cat eyes liner worn with the perfect precision that can bring them the aura of Cleopatra, the warrior queen of Egypt. But the trick is exact symmetry, equal thickness and an unwavering line on both eyes which can become extremely challenging.


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If you want to master this mysterious, witty look that will make you appear more like a predator than a prey, read on. We will tell you a few secrets

1.      A good cat eye is different widths all the way. Begin it with a thin line and make it thicker towards the ending. Even better, Begin at the end i.e. the outer corner of the eye.

2.      A cat eye-liner is not a one size fits all formula. It depends on the depth of the crease and shape of your eye. There are two main cat eye wing shapes: Triangular and curvy. A triangular wing comes straight up and then in. The triangular shape works best for large eyes and adds definition.  A curvy wing comes out, rounds at the bottom and curves up. Curvy wings are best to make your eyes look bigger through the elongated lash line that you create.

untitled - Mastering the Cat Eyes

4.      Curvy flicks are best for deep eyelid creases & Extra folds. For shallow creases.

5.      Use a Pencil liner as a guide: In case you do not have a steady hand with the eye liner, use a pencil liner as a guide to tricky liquid liners and trace over it with liquid.

6.      Cancel out the color of your eye lid: In order to make a less pigmented eyeshadow more vibrant, color your eyelid with a white eye shadow to create an even base for the shadow and to make the color pop (e.g. Nyx Cosmetics White Jumbo Pencil). Also, use the same as a brow highlighter for an instant Eye Lift.

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