Pakistani Celebrities Share Their Massive Weight Loss Journey And Give Tips To Motivate Others

Here is a list of Pakistani actors who lost a lot of weight in the past few years and detail about how they lost weight in order to motivate their fans and followers too.


Uroosa Siddique

Uroosa Siddiqui’s weight loss has been really impressive for her fans. She was one of the most overweight actresses of the industry yet very confident as seen in ‘Dolly ki ayegi barat’ and now she has impressed everyone with the massive weight loss. She is still on the weight loss journey. Uroosa shared in an interview that the major reason for her weight gain was high calorie midnight deals. Now she makes sure she only consumes low calories and healthy food during the day and there is no concept of midnight munching in her life now.

Weight Loss Tips By Famous Pakistani People

Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood has undergone a massive transformation in these two years. She has gone from being an overweight actress with no sense of styling to a smart young lady with lots of style. Her transformation was so big that some of the viewers had a difficult time recognizing her. Faryal Mehmood has literally gone from Fat to Fit in a span of a year. This change however did not come easy. She had to go on a strict diet and was sweating in the gym every single day. There were also times when she felt she could not go on any more. Faryal Mehmood’s story should be an inspiration for everyone who wants to undergo a major transformation.

Faryal Mehmood 2

Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar was one of the most acclaimed film stars of her time. She disappeared from the big screen for some time but then reappeared on the small screen with a big bang. Sana Fakhar’s weight loss isn’t just about losing weight but for her it was a lifestyle change. She never did crash dieting, she ate healthy, counted her calories and regularly worked out. Sana Fakhar has never been this fit. She also keeps on sharing her most effective exercises with her fans and followers. Sana Fakhar believes that anyone can lose weight when they make up their mind and do not change it. In her opinion, a strong will, combined with a good diet plan is the perfect way to lose weight. She also relies on energy juices a lot in order to stay active.

Sana Fakhar Just Opened Up About Her Unbelievable Transformation

Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq has talked about body shaming and her immense struggle. Hareem explained in one of her interviews that her weight does not define where she stands as an artist however she knows too well that in order to play the leading roles she had to lose some pounds. Hareem opted for a high protein and low carbohydrate diet along with intense exercise. Hareem believes that eating everything in small quantities is better than leaving your favorite foods. She also considers working out as a best option for cutting down the calories consumed.

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Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan joined the industry when she was a chubby kid. As she grew up she knew she needed to lose weight in order to perform in leading roles. The weight loss definitely helped her in looking even more attractive and now she is seen everywhere on the Television. Aiman Khan’s secret to weight loss is a limited diet with just two meals per day avoiding carbs and sticking to low calorie diet.

Weight Loss Tips By Famous Pakistani People

After Aiman’s drastic weight loss, everyone wanted to know her secret so she shared her diet plan and routine in an interview.

Anoushay Abbasi

Anoushay Abbasi was also quit healthy as she loved eating fast food and that too in the middle of the night. Now, Anoushay Abbasi has lost massive weight. She made a comeback with a completely new look. Anoushay replaced junk food with healthy diet. She turned down fizzy drinks, cheese, and fried food from her life. Now that she has lost all the weight, she eats whatever she wants with portion control. She also changed the timings and schedule of her meals.

Anoushay Abbasi's Old & New Pictures Comparison |

Benita David

Benita David has made an overwhelming effort to transform herself. She was on a soup diet for many months. Benita consumed vegetable soup whenever she got hungry and it did wonders for her. Benita David shared the recipe for her magic weight loss soup in a morning show. Now that she is happy with her current weight, she treats herself with her favorite desi foods when ever she likes. She avoids eating rice, roti, and potatoes, foods that are high in carbohydrates. Benita considers consistency is the key to success.

Weight Loss Tips By Famous Pakistani People

Zarnish Khan

Zarnish Khan is one of those celebrities who lost a lot of weight, and also changed her entire look. Zarnish got her hair dyed in a burgundy shade and she is seen wearing western outfits like never before. Like many other celebrities cutting carbohydrates from her diet was the main reason for Zarnish’s weight loss. For her losing weight does not mean starving yourself. She loves healthy food and makes sure that her choices are such that she does not gain weight.

Zarnish Khan's Massive Weight Loss and Transformation |

Juggun Kazim

Quite interestingly, Juggun Kazim is one of those actors who actually stayed and survived in the business for the longest time even though she was overweight. Juggun suggests a rule of thumb to remember is that the quicker you lose weight the more likely it is to come back faster. According to her the simple formula is shut your mouth and move your behind. She says the the key lies in making lifestyle modifications, changing your mind set about food and exercise. The most important step is to work out an exercise regime that fits in with your lifestyle as she works out daily morning for 45 mins.

Juggun Kazim 2

Sanam Jung

Another morning show host and famous actress Sanam Jung started gaining weight due to her pregnancy. It was not easy for her to host the show while being overweight. She said that she used to hide behind chairs and tables and tried every trick but nothing worked for her. Sanam Jung followed a proper diet plan and has been doing extensive workouts to get back in shape. She has lost a lot of weight but she thinks she wants to and needs to be even more fit. Sanam Jung shared her entire diet plan covering what she eats in a day. She said repeatedly that drinking a lot of water really helped her stay hydrated and alert while she was dieting.

Sanam Jung's extreme weight loss will inspire you | The Express Tribune

Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar is a young, good looking actress who also lost a lot of weight. Srha keeps on promoting positive body image on her social media pages. She also emphasizes on exercising to keep her body toned down. Her weight loss tip is a clear-cut objective in her mind. Srha always kept a pair of jeans much smaller than her actual size and her goal was to fit in it. Srha also suggests to keep going and not fall into old eating habits. According to her if you stay focused, you ultimately reach your goal.

Srha Asghar's Extreme Weight Loss Journey will Inspire You to Get Fit Today  |

Javeria Saud

Javeria Saud admits that it is really difficult for her to lose weight because she is a foodie. She has tried many times to lose weight and has succeeded too but every time she gains it all back. Javeria never stops trying however which is why even now she has managed to shed off many pounds. Javeria looks younger and prettier than ever after the weight loss. Javeria Saud shared in a video how she managed to lose weight by counting her calories and making sure that she does not exceed a limit needed for her to lose weight. Javeria also makes sure that the food she eats is homemade and healthy.

Weight Loss Tips By Famous Pakistani People

Maya Ali

When Maya Ali joined the industry she had some extra weight on. She shared in an interview that she had to limit her diet and leave her most favorite foods, even when she took a few extra calories her trainer used to make her work extra hard in the gym. Shehryar Munawar sarcastically stated the reason for Maya’s weight loss is that she no longer eats food but only smells it. Maya Ali says that she is now consistent and happy with her present weight.

Maya Ali's Style Transformation and Weight Loss Pictures |

Hira Mani

Hira Mani looks even more smart now after becoming a mother of two young boys. Hira Mani considered loosing weight to be casted in major roles and now she is seen almost everywhere. Hira Mani is also one of those actors who do not share how they limit their diet but she did share that yoga did wonders for her. Hira shared her diet in one of the morning shows and what stood out more than anything else was her habit of having dinner early. Other than that she does not follow a strict diet because she says that she doesn’t have a tendency to gain weight.

Hira Mani 2

Nadia Khan

The morning show queen Nadia Khan gained a lot of weight. Nadia Khan shared on her youtube channel that she does not do much exercise because she has health condition that does not allow her to work out but she is very strict about her diet intake to keep her weight in check. Nadia khans shared that in the beginning of her weight loss when she was too heavy she followed strict diet plans given by nutritionist. Now she just makes sure not to have colas and sugar. She eats very clean and healthy. She makes sure to have 6 meals a day, each meal is a small portion taken after every two hours.

Nadia Khan 2

Farah Shah

Farah Shah started her showbiz career as a newscaster and later on she started acting too. She used to be really smart but then all of a sudden she gained so much weight and looked twice her age. She was being cast in characters that did not suit his age because of the weight gain. After realizing that losing weight was a must in order to bag good projects, she lost weight and since then has been seen in many important projects. Some people also think that apart from dieting, Farah Shah also got cosmetic surgery done.

Farah Shah 2

Yasra Rizvi

Yasra Rizvi’s appearance has changed drastically in the past few years. Yasra’s weight loss journey started in 2016 and since then she has lost a lot of weight. Yasra hasn’t only lost weight but just like many other celebrities in this list she has also changed her styling altogether too. Yasra Rizvi was always a confident person and a great actor. Now more than ever we see her sporting looks which she wouldn’t have experimented with if she was still overweight.

Yasra Rizvi's Drastic Weight Loss and Her New Look |

Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas openly talked about how she was body-shamed and how it affected her. Zara Noor Abbas told that people used to tell her that her arms and thighs were too fat therefore she should think twice before wearing sleeveless or jeans. People suggested her shortcuts like liposuction and other surgeries but she decided to limit her diet and go to the gym instead.

Zara Noor Abbas 11

Minal Khan

Minal Khan joined the industry as a young girl and she has grown into a beautiful young lady now. She decided to lose weight along with her sister Aiman Khan and this progress was gradual which basically proves that she worked hard to reach her perfect weight. Now that Minal Khan is more fit than ever, her beautiful features are more obvious too and she looks great in western outfits.

Seeing the twins Aiman and Minal Khan transform will seriously inspire you!

Sana Javed

Sana Javed was also one of those actresses who were slightly overweight but she always looked pretty even with that extra weight. Sana Javed started a crash diet when she signed her first film Mehrunisa V Lub U. Nida Yasir shared in her show that Sana Javed’s diet was so extreme that once she fainted on the sets of her film. Sana Javed denied that and said she was following a healthy diet in another show. Sana Javed shared in an interview that when she started her journey to lose weight, she made sure that went to the gym every day no matter what. Other than that, Nida Yasir also mentioned that Sana literally used to starve herself on days when she was supposed to wear something in which she wanted to look really smart.

Sana Javed 2

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